Clay Communications is your local source for live sound rental for indoor and outdoor events. We provide sound and up to 2 engineers for all large shows. We have capabilities for a monitor world with up to 8 seperate mixes as well as FOH with an Allen & Heath 32 channel console. We have run sound for groups such as Jason Crabb, Decemberadio, High Flight Society, Skyline Drive, Hope's Journey, ReVrence, Ohio Avenue, My Lucky Number, Cure 4 Gravity and many more. Our system has taken us to the National Quartet Convention in Louisville, KY in 2007, Panama City, FL, and all over Alabama and Georgia for a Christmas tour in 2008. We do many shows throughout the year for numerous organizations and groups. We can do events up to 2000 people with what we have. We also do smaller events such as weddings where we can provide sound, recording and video with custom editing available. Call us with any questions or for quotes.

Equipment List:

4 EAW LA325 Loudspeakers
4 EAW LA118Z 18" Subwoofers
2 EAW 12" Side Fills
2 Tapco 12" Monitors
2 OAP 12" Monitors
2 OAP 15" Monitors
2 Grund 12" Monitors
32 Channel 150' Split Snake
16 Channel 50" Snake
Allen & Heath GL2400 32 Channel Console
Allen & Heath GL2400 24 Channel Console
Mackie 1604 VLZPRO 16 Channel Console
DBX Digital Drive Rack System
2 Alesis Effects Units
4 QSC PLX3002 3000W Power Amps
1 QSC RMX2450 2400W Power Amp
1 QSC RMX850 Power Amp
2 8'X8' Elevated Drum Risers
Audix Drum Microphones
Shure SM58 Vocal Mics
Shure Beta87 Wireless Vocal Mic
CD / Mini Disk Player

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